Saturday 20 December 2014

House M.D.

I have mentioned Hugh Laurie in previous posts. I have also mentioned the House TV show.

I can't believe that the final episode of House aired in May 2012 and I never blogged about the episode or the series.

The final episode, to be frank, was disappointing. The main problem I had with it was that there was no Cuddy. Obviously there was a falling out between Lisa Edelstein and the the production team and they couldn't find a way to reconcile it, even for the final episode. That was a shame. It definitely devalued the last episode.

The series had some great moments, and some great episodes.

The best episode by far IMHO was "Three Stories".  IMDB ratings put it in 5th place.

According to IMDB the best episodes are the consecutive "House's Head" and "Wilson's Heart".

I just watched these 3 episodes on Netflix. They are all very, very good.

I was bound to like House, of course. Firstly I am a huge Hugh Laurie fan. And secondly, the character of House is based my all-time favourite fictional creation: Sherlock Holmes. What a winning combination.

Here's a picture of the 2 boys from the final episode, just before they ride off into the sunset: