Friday, 17 April 2015

Another Excel Limitation

Wouldn't it be great if you could easily arrange "panes" of content within Excel, each pane being taken from a different sheet.

And you could lock some of those panes so that they don't scroll.

So you have one pane which where the user enters data, and other panes where the effects of those changes are displayed.

Here's a simple mock-up of what I would like to achieve:

And when you reopen the workbook, the layout which you defined is redisplayed.

And if you resize the overall window, the panes resize as you prescribe.

And maybe you can even have a different "zoom" setting for different panes.

Basically it helps you to create an application within Excel.

Sounds reasonable?

Unbelievably after all these years of spreadsheets, the limitations of what you can do in terms of splitting a window seem to be more or less the same as was the case with VisiCalc!

BTW: I have played with "Windows" and "Workspaces" within Excel and have been unable to achieve the result I desire. Additionally "Save a Workspace" has been discontinued in Excel 2013.